Pre­ston: Two Months

Preston’s sec­ond month came and went so quickly. At around 6 weeks he learned how to give us a big smile and boy is it cute! Pre­ston has also started look­ing for his thumb. He has found it a few times but he still loves his binkie. He also got another visit from his grand­par­ents. My par­ents came to visit. It was Papa’s first visit with Pre­ston. They spent some time together watch­ing the Notre Dame bas­ket­ball game. Pre­ston even had his own ND out­fit that Papa got him. Pre­ston finally started to enjoy his baths. We even got a few cute pic­tures. He also had his 2 month check up and is 13 inches long and 12 pounds 12 ounces! Such a big boy already!