Pre­ston: Ten Months

It’s hard to believe how fast our lil guy is grow­ing up. He now has seven teeth and has started eat­ing real food — chee­rios, fruits, etc. This was a big month for him too! He started to pull up and stand on his own. Need­less to say he now keeps Lucy’s atten­tion and they have become even bet­ter friends. Lucy shares her toys well with Pre­ston and they love to play ball and tug with each other. Pre­ston got his own motor­cy­cle walker which he loves to walk and rock out to. Pre­ston also got to enjoy see­ing his first marathon and swing­ing in a swing on his own this month. To top off this month Pre­ston dressed up as a Lion for his first Hal­loween. It was quite a hit with every­one but he didn’t seem to thrilled to be in the cos­tume. He looked so cute though!