Pre­ston: Six Months

At the begin­ning of June Pre­ston was Bap­tized at St. Mary of the Lake Church, where we were mar­ried. His god­par­ents are Niki and Scott, my sis­ter and brother. All of our fam­ily came to town to be a part of his spe­cial day. The week after the bap­tism, my mom stayed and spent some time with Pre­ston and us. He enjoyed spend­ing time with Gaga and I enjoyed shop­ping with my mom.

For Father’s Day we got pro­fes­sional pho­tographs taken down­town. We spent the morn­ing in Mil­len­nium Park and Pre­ston got to put his feet in Crown Foun­tain which he thought was really cold even though it was a hot day.

Lucy has offi­cially become best buds with Pre­ston. They love to watch each other and Lucy loves to give Pre­ston kisses. He will hold his hands out for her and she runs over and gives him a bunch of kisses. He thinks it is so funny.

By the end of this month Pre­ston has almost mas­tered sit­ting up. He man­ages to lean all the way for­ward and then pull him­self back up!

We are so happy to have such a happy smi­ley baby!