Pre­ston: Four Months

Pre­ston is already 4 months old! He now weighs 16 pounds and is 26 inches long. These past cou­ple of months have gone by so fast and our lit­tle baby boy is grow­ing so fast. Alot has hap­pened in the past cou­ple of months. Pre­ston had his first visit from his Aunt Niki while Brian was out of town for work. I was still on mater­nity leave so the three of us enjoyed lots of shop­ping and some great lunches. The next week or two after my sis­ter came to visit we had some really great weather. We went on lots of walks and Pre­ston got to go on the swings in the park by us for the first time. One of the nice week­ends we had some vis­i­tors. Matt, Melissa and their lit­tle girl Paige came to visit and meet Pre­ston. We had great weather so we went to the Lin­coln Park Zoo. Preston’s first visit to the zoo and he missed it all because he slept the whole time. After the zoo we had some lunch in the park. Such a beau­ti­ful day. 

At the end of April, my mom came to visit and help us get ready for my return back to work. I started back to work on March 27th and Pre­ston started in day­care. He was three months when he started. It was so hard to leave him and I admit I called and checked on him many times those first few days but we both sur­vived our first week. He is doing great in day­care now and loves see­ing all of his friends every­day. I do enjoy being back at work but I def­i­nitely can­not wait for five o’clock to roll around every­day. He is the joy in our life and every­thing is so much bet­ter when we get to pick him up and see his smil­ing face!

Dur­ing April there were many firsts. Pre­ston had his first cold which not only left him tired and cranky but us as well. He couldn’t sleep through the night like he had been for the last month and he was so stuffed up. Unfor­tu­nately, I had to stay home with him for two days. Then the fol­low­ing day we took our first road trip with him and headed to Cleve­land to see my fam­ily. Pre­ston got to meet his three cousins for the first time. Kenny, Tyler and Brady loved him and wanted to hold him over and over. Brian and I then headed to Vir­ginia Beach and left Pre­ston and Lucy with Gag and Papa. Our first time away from him! We went to Vir­ginia Beach for one of my best friends wed­ding. It was a small inti­mate wed­ding on the beach. It was so nice to see every­one and so nice to sleep in for a cou­ple of days!. We had a great time and we couldn’t be hap­pier for Danielle and Louie! Con­grat­u­la­tions! We then went back to Cleve­land to pick up Pre­ston and Lucy and they both had a great time vis­it­ing with fam­ily. While in Cleve­land we got to spend some time with my other friend, Jess and her lil girl Cristina. Cristina is 7 months old and such a cutie.

The last week of April he started talk­ing a lot more and tells us many sto­ries. He espe­cially likes to tell us sto­ries while we are chang­ing him into his new out­fit for the day!

A few of the lil things that we love about Pre­ston at this age are his lil sneezes, big smiles, and when he rubs his eyes when he is tired. He couldn’t be any cuter. We love him so much!