Pre­ston: Eleven Months

Only one more month until our lil boy is ONE! He is really get­ting to be such a big boy! He is doing really well walk­ing with some help but soon enough he will be off on his own. We had a busy month with both my and Brian’s birth­days and then Thanks­giv­ing! Pre­ston made his dad a birth­day card at school along with a Happy Thanks­giv­ing sign. We are so excited to be cel­e­brat­ing Christ­mas and his birth­day in a month with fam­ily and friends! He has grown into such a sweet and adorable lit­tle boy!

Pre­ston: Ten Months

It’s hard to believe how fast our lil guy is grow­ing up. He now has seven teeth and has started eat­ing real food — chee­rios, fruits, etc. This was a big month for him too! He started to pull up and stand on his own. Need­less to say he now keeps Lucy’s atten­tion and they have become even bet­ter friends. Lucy shares her toys well with Pre­ston and they love to play ball and tug with each other. Pre­ston got his own motor­cy­cle walker which he loves to walk and rock out to. Pre­ston also got to enjoy see­ing his first marathon and swing­ing in a swing on his own this month. To top off this month Pre­ston dressed up as a Lion for his first Hal­loween. It was quite a hit with every­one but he didn’t seem to thrilled to be in the cos­tume. He looked so cute though!

Preston: Nine Months

Our lil boy is getting so big. A couple of weeks ago he started crawling and the other day he started pulling himself up and standing all on his own. Soon enough he will be walking. He had his nine month check up and he is doing really well. He is now 29.2 inches long and 21 lbs. 12 oz.

At the beginning of the month we made a family outing to Brookfield Zoo. It was a hot one so we didnt stay long but Preston was awake for this trip unlike his first visit to the Lincoln Park zoo. Preston is doing really well at school and enjoys playing with his friend Emory. She is one and can walk around so he follows her lead and they play and laugh together. Very cute! Preston was also the baby of the month at school during September.

Brian went on his Grand Canyon hiking trip and while he was out of town GaGa came to help me with Preston for the week. He got lots of hugs and kisses from GaGa.

I can’t believe he will soon be one! We can’t wait to see what the next three months will bring.

Preston: Eight Months

Preston was rolling around this month but no crawling yet. Still working on pushing himself up. We made a trip to Cleveland to visit family and friends. Preston got to meet Christina, Jess and Lou's little girl. She is a few months older so she was moving around but Preston was still stationary. Christina enjoy playing with Bailee, my brothers golden.

We also made it to the beach one weekend for Preston's first time to the beach. He seemed to enjoy it but wasn't so sure about the sand blowing in his face. Lucy loved it and had a blast chasing her tennis ball in the water!

Pre­ston: Seven Months

Pre­ston had his six month check up this month and was 28 inches long and 19 lbs. 4 oz. He is doing well and start­ing on solid foods. We have been going to the mar­ket and buy­ing fresh fruits and veg­eta­bles and mak­ing his food at home. He seems to really like it and enjoys apples the most. The Cards were in town play­ing the Cubs this month so we took a walk down to Wrigley and walked around while the game was going on. We peeked through the gate to see the game.

Pre­ston: Six Months

At the begin­ning of June Pre­ston was Bap­tized at St. Mary of the Lake Church, where we were mar­ried. His god­par­ents are Niki and Scott, my sis­ter and brother. All of our fam­ily came to town to be a part of his spe­cial day. The week after the bap­tism, my mom stayed and spent some time with Pre­ston and us. He enjoyed spend­ing time with Gaga and I enjoyed shop­ping with my mom.

For Father’s Day we got pro­fes­sional pho­tographs taken down­town. We spent the morn­ing in Mil­len­nium Park and Pre­ston got to put his feet in Crown Foun­tain which he thought was really cold even though it was a hot day.

Lucy has offi­cially become best buds with Pre­ston. They love to watch each other and Lucy loves to give Pre­ston kisses. He will hold his hands out for her and she runs over and gives him a bunch of kisses. He thinks it is so funny.

By the end of this month Pre­ston has almost mas­tered sit­ting up. He man­ages to lean all the way for­ward and then pull him­self back up!

We are so happy to have such a happy smi­ley baby!

Preston’s Bap­tism

Pre­ston was bap­tized on Sun­day, June 3rd at St. Mary of the Lake where we were mar­ried. He was such a good boy and didn’t even cry! The bap­tism was imme­di­ately fol­low­ing the 9:30 am mass. He was bap­tized along with five other babies. His god­par­ents are his Aunt Niki and Uncle Scott. It was such a spe­cial day and was so nice to have all of our fam­ily there to cel­e­brate. After­wards we enjoyed a won­der­ful brunch at Bistrot Margot!

Pre­ston: Five Months

Month five began with our three year wed­ding anniver­sary! Our first year cel­e­brat­ing as a fam­ily of three. Brian sent me a beau­ti­ful bou­quet at work with my favorite flower in it — stargazer lily.

Dur­ing this month we noticed that Pre­ston liked to kick and jump in our arms so we got him the rain­for­est jumper and he absolutely loves it. He jumps and jumps and jumps and has so much fun in it!

This month also was my first Mother’s Day. We went to brunch at Hub 51 and had a deli­cious meal while Pre­ston got adored by all. Pre­ston with some help from dad got me a Tiffany heart pen­dant to put a lil pic­ture of Pre­ston in. So sweet!

We haven’t for­got­ten about Lucy. She has started to warm up to her “lil brother” and has more inter­est in him. We make sure she gets plenty of long walks and play time.

Pre­ston: Four Months

Pre­ston is already 4 months old! He now weighs 16 pounds and is 26 inches long. These past cou­ple of months have gone by so fast and our lit­tle baby boy is grow­ing so fast. Alot has hap­pened in the past cou­ple of months. Pre­ston had his first visit from his Aunt Niki while Brian was out of town for work. I was still on mater­nity leave so the three of us enjoyed lots of shop­ping and some great lunches. The next week or two after my sis­ter came to visit we had some really great weather. We went on lots of walks and Pre­ston got to go on the swings in the park by us for the first time. One of the nice week­ends we had some vis­i­tors. Matt, Melissa and their lit­tle girl Paige came to visit and meet Pre­ston. We had great weather so we went to the Lin­coln Park Zoo. Preston’s first visit to the zoo and he missed it all because he slept the whole time. After the zoo we had some lunch in the park. Such a beau­ti­ful day. 

At the end of April, my mom came to visit and help us get ready for my return back to work. I started back to work on March 27th and Pre­ston started in day­care. He was three months when he started. It was so hard to leave him and I admit I called and checked on him many times those first few days but we both sur­vived our first week. He is doing great in day­care now and loves see­ing all of his friends every­day. I do enjoy being back at work but I def­i­nitely can­not wait for five o’clock to roll around every­day. He is the joy in our life and every­thing is so much bet­ter when we get to pick him up and see his smil­ing face!

Dur­ing April there were many firsts. Pre­ston had his first cold which not only left him tired and cranky but us as well. He couldn’t sleep through the night like he had been for the last month and he was so stuffed up. Unfor­tu­nately, I had to stay home with him for two days. Then the fol­low­ing day we took our first road trip with him and headed to Cleve­land to see my fam­ily. Pre­ston got to meet his three cousins for the first time. Kenny, Tyler and Brady loved him and wanted to hold him over and over. Brian and I then headed to Vir­ginia Beach and left Pre­ston and Lucy with Gag and Papa. Our first time away from him! We went to Vir­ginia Beach for one of my best friends wed­ding. It was a small inti­mate wed­ding on the beach. It was so nice to see every­one and so nice to sleep in for a cou­ple of days!. We had a great time and we couldn’t be hap­pier for Danielle and Louie! Con­grat­u­la­tions! We then went back to Cleve­land to pick up Pre­ston and Lucy and they both had a great time vis­it­ing with fam­ily. While in Cleve­land we got to spend some time with my other friend, Jess and her lil girl Cristina. Cristina is 7 months old and such a cutie.

The last week of April he started talk­ing a lot more and tells us many sto­ries. He espe­cially likes to tell us sto­ries while we are chang­ing him into his new out­fit for the day!

A few of the lil things that we love about Pre­ston at this age are his lil sneezes, big smiles, and when he rubs his eyes when he is tired. He couldn’t be any cuter. We love him so much!

Pre­ston: Three Months

Preston’s sec­ond month came and went so quickly. At around 6 weeks he learned how to give us a big smile and boy is it cute! Pre­ston has also started look­ing for his thumb. He has found it a few times but he still loves his binkie. He also got another visit from his grand­par­ents. My par­ents came to visit. It was Papa’s first visit with Pre­ston. They spent some time together watch­ing the Notre Dame bas­ket­ball game. Pre­ston even had his own ND out­fit that Papa got him. Pre­ston finally started to enjoy his baths. We even got a few cute pic­tures. He also had his 2 month check up and is 13 inches long and 12 pounds 12 ounces! Such a big boy already!